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Compare Legal Costs is a legal marketing service with a unique platform for legal professionals. Aimed at helping consumers and businesses to make informed decisions when it comes to legal services, our site is a new way to be seen by those who need and want the legal services you have to offer.

Whether you’re a local firm or a national one, being visible to potential clients online is a must. Being seen by the right people, at the right time is paramount to success, and with the growth of online legal providers it’s becoming more and more crucial for legal firms to provide quality legal services at competitive rates. 

Why use Compare Legal Costs?

Legal providers will benefit from our service in the following ways:

  • Quality leads from those who already need your legal services
  • Visibility in the same space as your competitors
  • Low cost exposure where it matters most
  • A unique channel to reach potential clients, all managed for you by Compare Legal Costs
  • Register today and you could save 10% on your PI renewal

As one of the first websites to buck the trend for comparison sites in the legal sector, Compare Legal Costs is an opportunity for legal firms to increase their reach and acquire new business leads in a way that’s easy and cost effective.

Not only that, but our policy of providing fixed cost fees to consumers and businesses means we can offer potential clients something that is in great demand in the current economic climate: certainty. We don’t believe in adding hidden charges or surprises further down the line, and we see this as a huge deciding factor when it comes to influencing potential clients’ decisions.

How it works

When you register your services with Compare Legal Costs, we’ll look to make sure that you’re:

  • A quality legal firm
  • A firm that is regulated
  • A provider of the services our users need

Once approved, you’ll be asked to agree to our fixed cost policy – any quotes you supply to our consumers should be fixed prices for the services they need. Ideally you’ll respond to queries within 24 hours wherever possible.  We’ll do the rest, sending you enquiries from potential clients looking for the services you offer, increasing your reach and your online presence at the same time.

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