Intellectual Property

Intellectual property lawyers can help you to protect the ideas, inventions or brands which are rightfully yours. Whether you need to protect designs, ideas, logos or the name of your business, a lawyer can help ensure your interests are protected when it matters most. Legal protection can be sought within the UK, the EU or in some cases globally, meaning your intellectual property can only be used in the way you intended.

How intellectual property lawyers can help

A lawyer who is experienced in intellectual property law can help you protect the ideas and assets you’ve created. You may be a writer, artist, inventor, or simply an entrepreneur looking to ensure your property is safeguarded. This could include, but isn’t limited to, any of the following:  

Designs and drawings

If you’ve designed or created something you feel  is unique, it’s crucial to protect your work from being copied or replicated elsewhere. Intellectual property lawyers can advise you on the best ways to do this, making the process of seeking protection as straightforward as possible for you.

An invention or unique proposition

If you’re lucky enough to be the inventor of something lucrative, the first thing to do is to claim ownership of, and the rights to, your idea. If you intend to make an income from this, getting protection can make sure you get the returns you deserve for your work.

A business name, mark or logo

The name of your business and how you present it to others is something which should  set you apart. This isn’t always easy; sometimes, you may need the help of a lawyer to protect your logo or trading name from being used by other companies.

Intellectual Property

With the help of a qualified IP law professional, you can seek to protect your intellectual assets with one or more of the following:

  • Registered Trademark
  • Registered Patent
  • Licensing
  • Copyright
  • R & D agreements
  • Design Right registration

An experienced, reliable lawyer can help you determine which of the above applies to your situation, and will support you wherever possible in achieving the protection needed for your intellectual property. Many law firms across the UK now offer Fixed fee online intellectual property services giving you the opportunity to budget and plan for something which could be vital to the success of your work.

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