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Divorce solicitors provide expert legal advice for couples going through a marriage or relationship breakdown. Divorce solicitors help to provide the best outcome through this difficult time and help you to move forward.

Divorce costs can seem like an added stress to something which is already a distressing situation for all involved. One thing you can do to help is to plan ahead in advance, by getting an idea of what divorce solicitors cost before you start proceedings. The good news is that many solicitors will now offer a fixed cost quote before they begin to work on your separation proceedings, meaning you know in advance what it will cost you and there are no surprises further down the line. With this in mind, here are all the details you should know about divorce costs before you take your next steps.

What kind of divorce costs can I expect?                                

There are a few different costs involved in getting a divorce. The first is for all the paperwork you need to submit to the courts. This includes:

  • The divorce petition (usually about £340, plus up to £7 for the affidavit)
  • Decree Absolute (around £45)
  • Solicitors costs (management of paperwork and court costs)

How can I reduce my divorce costs?

There are a few ways to reduce your divorce costs. These include:

Speed – making sure your divorce doesn’t drag on is key to reducing costs. If you can resolve issues with children, finances and property relatively quickly, the additional costs involved in settling these matters will be greatly reduced. A good divorce solicitor will help you to speed things along and resolve issues efficiently.

Planning – once finalised, you will still need to wait for a period of time before the final settlement comes through. Be sure that, in the meantime, you and your ex-partner have made arrangements for who will pay bills, childcare etc. It also pays to think about where you are in the tax year, as unexpected tax payments may come at a time when you’re already vulnerable financially.

Good Legal Advice – perhaps the most sensible thing you can do to limit divorce costs is to look for a trustworthy solicitor who will give you an upfront quote for the end cost, and stick to it. There are easy ways to do this, for example by using a free legal comparison service like Compare Legal Costs. With this service, you can expect to receive up to 5 fixed cost quotes from reputable solicitors in your area, with no obligations. You’ll then be able to pick the cost and the service which suits you best, knowing that there are no surprises further down the line.

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