Parental Rights for Child Contact and Residency

When a marriage or a relationship breaks down, it’s almost always beneficial for children to continue to see both parents, wherever possible. Here is a guide to agreeing on issues such as parental rights, contact with children after a divorce and finding family solicitors to help if necessary.

Custody of children after a divorce

Previously the issue of contact with children after divorce and the process of deciding where they should live, was known as child custody. Parental access was used to describe parental contact with children after the break up of a partnership. These concepts have since been replaced with a set of orders intended to cover these issues:

Residence Order

This is a court order deciding where, and with whom, a child should live after a parental separation.  Sometimes this can specify more than one person, involving a child spending a period of time with each.

Contact Order

This states the frequency of contact with the parent a child does not live with. For example, phone calls, visits, weekends and holidays during which the parent has contact with the child.

Prohibited steps order

This concerns a situation where one parent wants to disallow the other parent form doing something which relates to the upbringing of the child. The parent can bring this issue to court ot be decided.

These orders can only be granted by a court of law. Family solicitors will act on your behalf to oversee the proceedings and make sure all documentation is correct from yoru side.

Parental rights to contact

There are no concrete rules about the frequency and duration of contact a parent should have with a child. However, it is considered healthy for the development of a child to have regular contact with both parents, in most cases. This might mean the child stays with the other parent at weekends, or stays with them in school holidays.

Family solicitors and mediators for contact and residence issues

If you’re going through a divorce or breakup and there are issues to be decided about the care and custody of your children, you will need to seek legal advice form an experienced, trusted professional. Getting an idea of the costs involved beforehand can make the process of these legal proceedings less stressful, and ensure you’re prepared in advance.

Compare Legal Costs can help, by providing you with a quick and easy way to find legal firms in your area, all of which are fully vetted and registered with the Law Society.

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