Employment Tribunals

Employment tribunals are designed to decide the outcome of employment related disputes. There are many types of workplace disputes, but the most common types of claims dealt with in an employment tribunal are:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Discrimination

Employment tribunal claims

If you have an employment issue you’d like to bring to court, this is usually known as making a claim. You may feel like you’ve been treated unfairly by an employer, or that you’ve been dismissed without a justifiable reason. Perhaps you’ve been the victim of discrimination of some form at the hands of those you work with. Regardless of your situation, the most important thing to do before anything is to make sure you’re aware of your rights as an employee. Familiarise yourself with these, using resources such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or by consulting a solicitor you trust. You should make sure you’re fully aware of your employment contract, and everything the agreement contains.

Once you’re sure you’d like to bring a claim to an employment tribunal, it’s time to take the next step.

Employment tribunal rules

The first rule to be aware of when it comes to an employment tribunal is the time limit for making a claim. This is usually within three months (less one day) of the event that you’re complaining of, so for example, if you’ve been unfairly dismissed, you should make sure to bring your claim within three months of that happening, or you could find that you aren’t able to go down this route.

Finding help with an employment tribunal claim

Employment tribunal claims can be a daunting prospect, so finding someone to help you to prepare your case can go a long way towards making things run smoother for you in court. It’s helpful to know beforehand how string your claim is, so think carefully about all the evidence you may have to back up your claim. Your legal advisor will then help to assess your chances of success. It’s important to know that employment tribunals can be unpredictable in their outcomes, but with the right solicitor on your side you should feel more at ease with making your claim and your chances of a positive result.

Solicitors costs for employment tribunals

If you’re looking for a trustworthy solicitor to handle your claim at an employment tribunal hearing, it’s a good idea to weigh up your options before making a decision. These days, you can find solicitors who will assess your claim and provide you with a fixed cost beforehand, so that there are no surprises further down the line. Using a free comparison service such as Compare Legal Costs can help. By providing the details of your claim, you can get a selection of fixed cost quotes from accredited legal firms, with no obligations. You can then make an informed decision on who you would like to represent you at your employment tribunal hearing.

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