Intellectual Property

Protecting your property, both in business and in the home, is important to everyone. As we would secure our physical property with the use of locks and insurance, intellectual property can be protected through the use of trademark registration or patents.

Using intellectual property solicitors to handle your legal proceedings will allow you and your business to be assured that your property is safe. There are a number of things that you might be looking to protect, including the following:

  • Designs and Drawings
  • An Invention or Unique Proposition
  • A Business Name, Mark or Logo

Intellectual Property Solicitors

Qualified solicitors that are experienced in providing help and guidance with IP procedures will be able to provide you with advice with different areas of your Intellectual Property rights, including:

  • Registered Trademark
  • Registered Patents
  • Licensing
  • Copyright
  • R & D Agreements
  • Design Right Registration

Additionally, our approved solicitors may be able to help you to achieve the legal protection you need not just in the UK, but also within the EU, the USA or even Globally.

If you are looking for help with applying to protect your Online Intellectual Property, many firms across the UK now offer this service. Just let us know your situation and we will ensure that you receive quotes from experienced solicitors.

How Compare Legal Costs can help

We offer a free service that allows you to apply to a number of intellectual property solicitors that can help with your case, and receive a no obligation fixed cost quote in just 24 hours. Our legal team makes sure that all our approved members are experienced and can offer you the help and advice you need.

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